Georgia & Tim | Jonah's Whale Beach Wedding

These two met when they were 14. Tim arrived at school one day and announced that he had a girlfriend - according to his best man, not one person believed him given they had never seen him speak to a girl. Georgia and Tim’s wedding had been a long time coming: I can’t express how grateful I am to have documented their day and they represent such a strong reminder to hug your loved ones close and love unconditionally with all your might. These two have weathered life’s toughest challenges, flanked by their brave families and more recently graced with the birth of their precious (and hilarious) little girl Olivia. I don’t think there are many people who will escape life’s heartbreak and without really understanding why they exist, often I feel they are there to test and shape us: in the end, you either harden with bitterness or blossom with more love to wrap yourself and your loved ones within. I think it’s more than obvious these two picked the latter and since the day I met them I am so inspired by the warmth, care, sincere concern and consideration they show to everyone they meet.  There are so many things about this wedding that will be imprinted deeply into my little compartment of happy memories:

  • Georgia and Tim's simple and pure love for one another and for their baby, including her during their ceremony and presenting her (along with their rings to each other) with a beautiful bespoke crystal to represent their steadfast love for her for the rest of her life.

  • Olivia – you cannot help but fall completely in love with this vivacious and hilarious little girl. I’m not sure if she had any idea of what was going but it has been such a delight working through this collection and seeing her curious little face pop up here and there as she tried ardently to participate through the day, including helping her mama with her wedding shoes and walking nonchalantly through her parents’ portraits.

  • Their mischievous and hilarious bridal party – if you look closely there’s a moment where Tim’s best man decides to pull out his prosthetic front tooth without notice causing everyone to break off into peals of laughter.

  • The way Tim looked at Georgia when they first saw one another and then again during their first dance as he held her close.

  • The insanely beautiful surrounds of Jonah’s Whale Beach – if you scroll down to around their ceremony you will know how I mean.

This is one of those jobs where there’s no choice: all in, all heart or nothing. And sometimes Life places the most incredible people and the most heartwarming love stories in our path. I hope you love this collection as much as we do and are inspired to keep loving: keep reminding your loved ones of that love and to never be surprised when incredible wonderful things are achieved by that same love. To this fiercely beautiful woman and mama bear: we are beyond proud of you Mr and Mrs Bennetts and little Olivia.