I'm Ann Marie. I am a Wedding Photographer based in Sydney.

I am also: 

  • A Bikram Yogi. Keeps me sane, calm and zen.
  • Mildly obsessed with green juices and good nutrition. 
  • In December 2014, I married the best guy, my rad dude other half, Adrian. I'm crazy about my husband and am so excited: this year he's agreed to come onboard with my photography projects and adventures. I get to do what I love with my love and it's been amazing.   
  • Slowly but surely emerging from the flurry of wedding planning (if you like, you can read about it here). 
  • Will shoot weddings anywhere and everywhere (aka the more foreign, the more exotic, the more unconventional and throws a touch of caution to tradition: I am there.) 
The gentleman on the right is Adrian, you'll often find us shooting together.

The gentleman on the right is Adrian, you'll often find us shooting together.

If I can help cast some light to a truth – nine times out of ten, your wedding will not go to plan. This is probably a good thing because life regularly gives you what is the eventual best. If you can focus on the ultimate core of why you’re getting married in the first place: at the end of that day, you have your wife, your husband, your best girls and lads, your closest family – that is all that matters. Truly.

Moreover, look past the aesthetic details, laugh about everything that could possibly go wrong (these by the way, make excellent stories for the grandkids), tell your other half that you choose them now, until they’re 90/wrinkly/taking out their dentures for bedtime at 8PM. Hold them tight, let go of all anxiety – I promise you, you WILL absolutely have the best day of your life.

I would love to document your day. Not only that, I’d love to make the experience fun, high-spirited and powered by pure elation. If this sounds like your type of joy, send me a note and let’s have a chat. If it all works out, know that I am all in to create some magic with you.

Bless – Ann Marie