2016 | A Summary

It’s been a chaotic and challenging 12 months but frankly, I want to focus on appreciating the good. This year was filled with the blitzing of old generational beliefs on what is possible, marked by the realisation that prioritising joy, nourishing yourself on all fronts, acknowledging how our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world bears so much weight.

The biggest mind boggling realisation was around how a seemingly far-fetched intention to do work I truly love had come to life so quickly. Everyday I wake up and leap into projects that fill me with so much happiness. There is so much appreciation for every single couple who comes our way, entrusting their wedding with our creativity. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your bowl-me-over feedback, the warmth you infuse into every interaction, the way you welcome us into your family on one of the most important days in your lives. To our families, our friends, our comrades, our colleagues and vendors – where do we even begin, thank you for this little community and continuing to cloak it with such a beautiful energy. From our little family to yours, a very wondrously Happy New Year.