Athena & Calvin | Le Montage Wedding

Let me begin by saying how much I love the story of these two. Sixteen years: that’s how long these two beautiful humans have known one another. Calvin first clapped eyes on Athena back in Year 5. Brimming with all hope and adoration for this attractive classmate who was a whole head taller than him, he mustered the courage to declare his puppy lover to her at a staircase on their primary school grounds only to be utterly and categorically turned down. 

If there was ever a story you tell your children about not giving up this may perhaps be one of them:  Calvin never ever quite ever gave up. He waited and resumed his pursuit almost 7 years later and asked the now young lady out again in the Summer of 2007. Athena, now a little more mature, a little more worldly, grew to appreciate how the ‘dorky little kid who thought he was good looking’ had evolved into a handsome young gentleman, who was genuine, sincerely listened and supported her dreams and aspirations. 

Their day was a enormously beautiful expression of their love for one another and their love for their beloved friends and family, their generous and positive spirit pervading every aspect of the day. Calvin’s beloved father had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away just 3 weeks prior to the wedding day and they remembered the loving and kind spirit he was through the day, knowing that he was up there watching over the both of them. 

Calvin’s most beautiful memory from the day was seeing Athena walking down the aisle, “having flashbacks of the 16 years we have known one another. It warms my heart knowing Athena went through all the challenges certain life stages brought - teenage years, high school, exams, university, finding a job etc. Growing up together has truly been the best thing.”.

Hand on heart I hope you love the story of these two and the accompanying images as much as we do.