Sarah & Nic | Mali Brae Farm Wedding

Adrian and I agree that we probably wouldn’t forget this wedding any time soon. What started as quite possibly one of the more challenging weddings we’ve shot to date somehow evolved to something insanely wonderful and memorable: a testament to how awesome things can happen when Mama Nature decides to throw a torrential storm curveball and a bunch of people respond by banding together, determined to make some magic out of the mud.

I remember scrolling through the news and social media that morning, news networks warning the public to stay safe and indoors with the impending launch of a horrendous big storm, my mum messaging to check we had returned unscathed from another storm-ridden wedding we shot the night prior (she was a tad concerned when I merrily informed her that we were about to drive out to another wedding).

Three particular things stick out in my memory: 

  1. The wedding was down in Bowral and the 2 hour drive from Sydney seemed longer and more precarious given flash flooding and thick, heavy rain beating down so hard it became difficult to see anything beyond a few metres.

  2. The torrential rain continued as we turned into the venue and I was crestfallen as I had been looking so forward to shooting around the beautiful grounds and surrounds of Mali Brae Farm. We were spared 5 minutes to capture some portraits thanks to Greg from Mali Brae Farm who spotted a slight pause in the rain.

  3. Things took a turn for the worse in the evening. Through no fault of their own, the estate came under a black out. No power, no heating, no light, no electricity bar the limited use of a back up generator.

Despite all this, we had a great time. Everybody had a great time. People simply decided: we’re here to celebrate a marriage. The niceties and comfort that come along with a wedding party are wonderful, but not a prerequisite to everyone having a good time.

The same sentiment trickled through to the vendors as well: 
The lovely Emma from Emma McGill Makeup Artist spent the morning with Sarah, calmly and cheerfully transforming her into the most divine bride in her gown which she picked out from Brides of Beecroft. 
The gorgeous Nina from Nina de Borde - Civil Celebrant kept the energy light and cheery at the ceremony and managed to get everyone to relax and have a laugh at the bizarre circumstances. 
The geniuses over at Violets & Vinegar managed to pull together a feast in record time (remember no power) to feed a 100 + hungry crowd.
Meanwhile Greg and Shelley from Mali Brae Farm went above and beyond, running around making sure everyone was warm, comfortable, safe and even managed to get the power back on near the end of the evening. 

I love this wedding, especially for everything it stood for, and I hope you do so too.