Christine & Marty | Sydney Wedding

We are so happy to present this wedding of two beautiful and exceptional humans who are so dear to us. Christine and Marty had met in Sydney shortly before Marty was scheduled to permanently relocate to Seattle for work. These two grew to love one another over a several months and both gradually realised the distance was simply not acceptable and Marty proposed to Christine during her one of her visits to Seattle. They returned home to Sydney for their wedding and designed large parts of the day to honour their parents and elder relatives, including a traditional Korean Paebaek ceremony. These two gorgeous lovers are now back in the States, setting up home and building a fresh new life and we are genuinely so elated for their happiness. 

Christine's bridal gown from Brides of Beecroft.  

Ceremony at St Andrews Anglican Church in Roseville. 

Reception at Pier One Hotel in Sydney.