Amy & Billy | Engagement

How do I begin to describe how wonderful these two exceptional humans are. Amy and Billy, quite possibly one of the most beautiful couples around but I don't think I have come across a pair as down to earth, easygoing and relaxed as they are. Their engagement session took place on what the meteorologists claimed as the coldest Sydney winter's day in 20 years - next to howling winds by the ocean no less. Minutes into the session we got engulfed by a rogue wave that suddenly enveloped us, soaking our clothes and equipment (which frankly, got me a little worried and we had to dash towards some rocks to vigorously clean and dry everything to avoid water damage). I remember checking if they were alright and asking Amy if she'd prefer to take a break to dry off properly - 'no big deal', she shrugged off the freezing cold and instead kept checking if I was OK before continuing with the session in the most cheerful, radiant manner. I love how these two simply carried on, laughing at one another happily despite the freezing temperatures - we genuinely cannot wait for their wedding.