Carmen & Clinton | Vanuatu Wedding - Ratua Private Island

Ratua Private Island ... where do I even begin on the sheer magical, raw radiance of this place. Last month Adrian and I had the honour of travelling here, a secluded little secret isle tucked away in the middle of Vanuatu to photograph Carmen and Clinton's intimate wedding. We spent some quality time with these two utterly beautiful souls (and I mean that truly in every sense of the word, look at them in these photos!). 

When you consciously go off the grid with little access to the outside world, there's a bewitching stillness that nudges you to recognise the divinely beautiful humanity around you. Life honestly is so rich because everywhere you look, there are kindred spirits appearing in the most unexpected circumstances. Dearest Carmen, who is vivacious, strikingly beautiful and brimming with an undeniably gorgeous infectious energy and laughter; and to Clinton, who is ever so calming, cheerful, completely at one with Mother Nature - from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for having us do this "work" (I put quotation marks because it never feels like it!), it has been a once in a lifetime privilege. To Bong and Ailyn, the wonderfully charming and ever accommodating general managers of the island - thank you, thank you, thank you. I confess we were dusting away tears as we departed by boat (while simultaneously hatching an escape plan to return and stay forever :)). Hand on heart we are so grateful for your joyful hospitality and your generous team (led by the beautiful Maryanne), the Ratua family have etched a special little place in our hearts.  

I'll have to pop back in to do a proper, more eloquent post, but in the meantime, please sit back, make yourselves comfortable and sift through these images from our last adventure. 

Note: If these images have somehow stirred something in you to visit this magical place, please check it out over here. The island is not for profit and all benefits go directly towards the Ratua Foundation which actively runs projects to assist the education and learning of children in Vanuatu. You can read about the owner's wonderful story here

x Ann Marie