Kirsten & Dan | Engaged

"Intelligent, educated, beautiful and humble. A little reserved which I loved as it made me want to know more. When we met, I was sceptical: I was at a time in my life where I didn't believe there was room for a partner. With her, I had to make room and it has felt perfect ever since.” 

The Engagement Story

We were holidaying in Maui, Hawaii and returning from a beautiful sunset cruise when Dan proposed on the beach. The cruise was amazing, we were lucky enough to even see a whale jump out of the water (which Dan claims responsibility for organising in advance..!). 

He seemed a little nervous at times on the cruise, having concealed the engagement ring in his pocket the entire time. We walked back to the hotel hand in hand. I became puzzled over why Dan was nervously looking around the beach. Before I realised what was going on, Dan was down on one knee and asking me to share the rest of my life with him.

Marriage to us means....

A life long commitment with your best friend and soul mate to continually bring out the best in one another. We are each other’s rock and when we’re together there’s hardly a dull moment.