Sophie & Matthew | Hunter Valley Wedding

How we met? 

We met on a P&O cruise around the Pacific Islands. Matt was travelling with a group of his friends while I was with my girl friends. We started talking and soon discovered that we all lived 20 minutes from each other and that Matt’s father was my Year 9 Maths teacher! We immediately connected through Facebook when we got home and here we are today. 

 Our Engagement Story

We were on the balcony of our amazing little cave room built into the side of a cliff face in Santorini, Greece, enjoying the magnificent view on the first evening of our trip. Matt suggested we have a shot of ouzo (in hindsight it was to calm his nerves!) and he asked me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was on one knee holding a ring box containing the most perfect ring I’ve ever seen, with a little light shining down onto it from the box. I was crying and completely overwhelmed with joy and exclaimed, ‘what an amazing box!’ which sent Matt into a flurry asking me if I liked the ring as well as the box. At the wedding, we got all the guests to have a shot of ouzo with us! 

Favourite memory in the lead up to the wedding?

Matt is a very calm character, and remained so during the entire planning process.. But the day before we left Sydney he suddenly became stressed about all that we had to do. As we were preparing to leave our home, I asked if he could throw out the flowers from my bridal shower so that they wouldn’t rot while we were away. As I walked back into our living area, I noticed something looked different about our apartment… I realized that all our FAKE flowers (which had been in vases since we moved in a year ago) had disappeared. When I asked Matt where all our decorative fake flowers had gone, he froze and responded "... They were fake?? You told me to throw the flowers out! I even felt the petals to check and they all felt real!’. I still laugh when I think back to this and remember the look on his face.

Marriage to us, means... 

Marriage for us is a public declaration of the commitment we had already made in our hearts to each other. For us, marriage meant promising to each other in front of our closest friends and family that we will always choose love, that we will be each other’s strength when we need it, and that we will give all that we have to nourish, nurture and protect our relationship. Marriage is saying that we’ll support and carry each other through life’s greatest challenges.  

If I could give future brides one piece of advice...

If you can, hire an on-the-day coordinator. You’ve put so much time, thought, money and energy into making this day perfect, so on the day itself, you or your friends or family shouldn't have to worry about a single thing – and things WILL go wrong and not to plan! It's great knowing that there's someone there whose sole purpose is to oversee the smooth running of the day.