Avi & Yix | Sydney Wedding

Beautiful Avi & Yix; we met them one blisteringly cold morning last June to plan their big summer wedding over coffee. Since then we've watched these two wonderful souls create one magnificent love-to-the-brimful day fuelled by sheer elation from their family and friends. It was a particularly poignant moment for Avi's twin Kathy who had been Avi's partner in crime since the day they were born. I couldn't help but tear up at Kathy's heartfelt speech to her sister, congratulating Avi but equally farewelling her as Avi began her next chapter with her new husband. Avi & Yix - from the bottom of both our hearts, thank you. You were an absolute joy to capture. - Ann Marie

Theme or style to the day

Avi: To be honest, I didn’t really have one, although my bridesmaids would say it was an “ocean theme”.

Bridal gown

Avi: This was a bit of a gamble but I ended finding it online (it’s a risk but it was definitely worth a try!)

Bridesmaid dresses 

Avi: I originally wanted pink dresses but we had a hard time finding the right shade. We stumbled across these blue dresses and they even had it in the right sizes. (My bridesmaids were delighted because they all hated pink!)

Hair & Make up

Avi: I initially wanted to do my own hair and makeup. My mum knew I would be stressed on the day so she got her friend to help out. Looking back I am so thankful she did! I had a haircut right before the wedding which went terribly wrong and we had to change the original plan at the last minute - in the end I trusted our stylist. 

Wedding planner

Avi: My wonderful wedding planner was my friend Helen from Church. We have grown up together since we were in primary school and she is one of the most organised people I know! She was amazing and even set up an online system to keep me on track.

Marriage to us now means...

Avi: Marriage to us now means that God has brought us together so that we’re one unit, committed supporting and serving each other for the rest of our lives.

Most memorable moment

Avi: Walking down the aisle and seeing some of my closest friends around me tear up, it actually made me laugh and helped with the bunch of nerves I had! When I saw Yix at the alter, I finally relaxed and smiled uncontrollably. 

Yix: Meanwhile, I was standing there thinking “finally!” because the processional was taking so long. All of a sudden, I started to feel shaky - it was actually happening and I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for Avi and was so happy to see her.

One piece of advice for other brides

Avi: The wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye, so focus on what’s important and don’t waste time, brain space and money on what’s not. The wedding day is just the beginning, the first day of a lifetime together. If anything, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we invested the same effort, time and money on making our marriages work?