Melinda & Nathan // Engaged

Engagement sessions are brilliant for so many reasons. For the couple, it is a wonderful way to spend some time together in front of the camera. I highly encourage my beautiful clients to treat this as a practice run before the big day and let go of the flurry of wedding details and production preparations – this is the reason why I absolutely love engagement sessions. 

Perhaps it’s that certain unease or newness to being photographed; that lack of professional training in front of a camera seems to draw out a certain vulnerability into the images. After the initial nervousness lifts, it is quickly replaced by recognition that a wedding is actually going to happen soon (this whole getting married thing is for real!). After all, the engagement session is another milestone towards the big day. “One step closer to becoming his wife and more importantly, one more thing off the wedding project list!!” declared a relieved bride-to-be one time. 

The rest of the session then flows as a documentation of affection in all it’s unedited rawness and all pretension is scraped back in those moments. I think Melinda and Nathan here – high school sweethearts with only a few months to go until the big day – represented this so beautifully.