Ada & Tim // Engaged

There are those days you set out with all heart and energy to capture the perfect engagement session. Everything is (read: seemed to be) set in place – serene location, weather is reasonably calm, you’ve discussed the makeup & dress details with the bride-to-be to death. You’ve brought umbrellas because it is the start of autumn and you figure you want to be uber prepared. And then an ominous shadow in the skies gather precisely at 2pm, the clouds practically growl, open up and basically it starts hailing down with torrential rain so thick you can barely see as you drive out to location. 

Instead of glumly retreating and conceding the session, in the spirit of utmost positivity, we decide to devise a game instead. And that is how myself, Adrian my second shooter, Ada and Tim (aka quite possibly the most chilled out couple to ever grace this earth) ended up in my tiny car driving furiously away from storm clouds, peering out the windows in earnest for clear skies. 

We hunt down dry patches of grass, leaping out of the car to shoot, before scurrying away when the skies decide to part again. I’m not sure how best to convey this – but it was abso-freaking-lutely so much fun. The entire session was a gorgeous amalgamation of laughing hysterically as we raced thru the field; taking advantage of the few minutes of clear skies to grab a few captures, before screaming in panic when the thick rain pelted down again. I have never had such an exhausting and fun session – so thank you thank you THANK YOU Ada and Tim from the very bottom of my heart for persisting with the session despite the temperamental rain. 

I hope these photos convey the beautiful souls you are and most importantly, the impending excitement for your wedding come this August. I personally can hardly wait & am practically giddy with joy at the thought of documenting your day xx