Brooke & Ben | Dryridge Estate Wedding

Ah the magic of Autumn and the mountains. If you're ever in the Blue Mountains area and considering holding your wedding there I highly recommend you look into the gorgeous Dryridge Estate. Driving through the lush tree lined paths of the majestic Megalong Road was such an adventure and the best part is when you start approaching a clearing and you're met with the most incredible scenes nestled within Megalong Valley (I'll let the pictures to do the talking, hopefully they convey how equally floored and thrilled we were as we entered the breathtaking grounds). 

One of my favourite things to do is go through all our enquiries inbox filled with the most delightful and kindest messages (I read every single one of them, it's honestly the nicest bunch of emails to look at first thing in the morning, giant steaming coffee mug in hand). Last year I came across one that exuded such a happy and an unmistakable warmth that not only radiated through the screen, it quite possibly reached out and felt like it was wrapping me in the world's biggest bear hug. From then on, every one of Brooke's correspondence approached with such brightening cheeriness, it was near impossible to not be crazily excited for her getting hitched to her best friend Ben. Brooke and Ben have this way of making complete strangers feel totally welcome and are two of the most hilarious, smiley-est people ever whose day felt more like a great big party filled with their loved ones, less so a formal wedding (aka hand on heart, my absolute favourite types of weddings). They both adored the outdoors (Ben proposed on top of a mountain in Scotland) and specifically chose the beautiful Dryridge Estate for their Autumnal wedding as they loved the privacy and intimacy of the grounds. I'm genuinely going to miss working on these two beautiful humans' day and I hope you love this collection as much as we have loved these two, their incredibly lovely families and their wonderful day. 

Ceremony and Reception at the breathtaking grounds of Dryridge Estate
Make up by Danielle Hampton
Hair by Kellie Adler from Euphoria Hair
Florals and Styling by Trish Carter of Blue Mountains Floral Design
Cinematography by our favourite gents at Anchored Cinema
Ceremony officiated by Gaynor Cobby
Bridal Gown by Wendy Makin
Bridal Shoes by Billini
Bridesmaid dresses by Sheike
Groom and groomsmen suits by Joe Black
Catering by Vanessa from Hangree Catering
Wedding Cake by Love at First Slice
Rings by Carabez Jewellery
Bespoke Furniture by Penny Lane Studio
Bus Hire by Near or Far Bus and Coach

Gaya & Patrick | The Turpentine Tree Wedding

A few months ago, I happily stumbled upon the beautiful Gaya and Pat, whose wedding would become one of the most heartfelt days I’ve documented. As the day progressed, the genuine happiness their guests had for them became undeniably obvious. Many family and friends spoke proudly of the unbridled kindness, generosity and enthusiasm these two had for life. Moreover, it didn’t take long to notice how everyone simply adored Gaya’s irresistibly infectious sense of humour and laughter. You cannot help but be buoyed by this beautiful woman’s fierce love for life and the people around her, especially the deep-seated affection she had for her parents and her new family. 

Gaya had wanted their day to be completely fuss-free, one big party for their beloved families and best friends: the focus was for everyone to be well fed, generously watered and to simply have a wonderful time. An enormous marquee was set up over at the gorgeous grounds of The Turpentine Tree to set the scene for a festival style wedding: food and drinks were flowing, live music tinkling in the background, people chattering excitedly in every corner, bubbling pans of fresh paella passing through the room, a warm balmy breeze falling gently into the evening. 

There are certain weddings that are simply too joyful that they never quite leave you: I hope these images express the sheer gorgeousness that characterised this day and the happiness we have for these two beautiful spirits. 


Ceremony held at the wonderful St Gregory’s Church

Afternoon festivities and reception at the utterly gorgeous grounds of The Turpentine Tree

Cinematography by the delightful Light Noise Films

Make up by the wonderful Jo Candelaria

Hair Styling by talented Gemma Nichols

Bridal Gown by Maggie Sottero

Jewellery and rings from Etsy

Bridal bouquets by The Flower Room 

Gaya and her bridesmaids got ready in the morning at Bilpin Springs Lodge

Live Music in the afternoon by One Two Wedding band

Reception Dancefloor music by DJ Trey

Lauren & Olly | Blue Mountains Wedding

There’s just something about autumnal country weddings that is impossibly charming. Set in the tiny village of Berambing tucked in the Blue Mountains, Lauren and Olly celebrated with their nearest and dearest at the gorgeous Chapel Hill Retreat. We spent the late afternoon exploring the awe-inspiring rolling hills framing the property before stumbling on a glorious carpet of red and golden autumnal leaves. It was late May in Sydney which was a divinely beautiful time to just be still and take it all in before Winter slowly took over: crisp, fresh mountain air, gentle slivers of sunlight dancing across the falling leaves, honestly it was pure Mother Nature magic.

In the past year I had known them, it was hard not to notice what an exceptional young woman Lauren was. Not only was she extremely wise in her outlook in life particularly for someone in their early 20s: she carried herself with this wonderful quiet confidence. There was an ever-present humility and great love she had for her family and friends and this was so clear on the wedding day as she spent most it ensuring that everybody was warm and well looked after. Her calm nature meant everybody simply assumed the usually jovial and cheerful Olly would be the emotional one at the ceremony.

What nobody would anticipate was how everything unfolded as Lauren walked through the doors. Perhaps it was sheaths of golden light streaming through the 200 year old church windows, the faces of her loved ones smiling back at her or a combination of Olly beaming joyfully and the overall enormity of the day that dawned on her. In that moment, Olly was positively glowing with the biggest, happiest grin while the normally composed Lauren was holding back a few tears along with the rest of the room. It is moments like these that make us fall completely back in love with what we do. Decorations and aesthetics bring the styling aspect to life but ultimately, they are literally things: it is the undercurrent of genuine emotion and unguarded sentiment that are honestly what you will recall in your old age and tell your grandchildren in the years to come.

Ceremony held at St John’s Anglican, Wilberforce
Reception at the beautiful Chapel Hill Retreat, Berambing
Hair and make up by the wonderful Rose Mossman from My Addiction Make up
Bridal Gown by Elizabeth De Varga
Rings by James Allen and Kavalri, with earrings by Samantha Wills
Bridesmaid dresses by For Her and for Him
Florals by Lovely Bridal Blooms
Wedding Cake by Meredith Long
Shoes by Windsor Smith and Spurr
Stationary by Olly Hills 

Ashley & Daniel | Gunners Barracks, Mosman Wedding

”There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications and just go for it” - Judith McNaught.

I think this quote is so true for this little story unfolding here today. The beautiful Ashley crossed paths with Daniel a few years ago in a place where they were both miles away from home, not necessarily seeking the other but inexplicably being drawn to one another. Despite Daniel leaving quite quickly after for halfway across the world, they both realised that chance meeting wasn’t a mere encounter to dismiss, that it was quite possible they had just met each other's soulmate. From that day on, they fought everything to see one another again, and again and again, until they decided the only thing to do was to make their togetherness permanent culminating in this day unfolding right here. I think there was a brief moment midway through the ceremony where both of them looked out happily to their loved ones, standing side by side, little joyful tears brimming beneath the surface, clutching their handwritten vows that they were about to declare to one another: I doubt neither of them could fathom that chance encounter all those years ago would hold such an enormous impact, propelling them all to that exact moment. This gorgeous Autumnal wedding at the exquisite Gunners Barracks was so beautifully moving especially with both Ashley and Daniel's family flying from all around the world to celebrate the love these two have for one another - I really hope you love this collection as much as do. 

Ceremony and reception at the utterly gorgeous Gunners Barracks, Mosman
Exquisite florals and styling by the unstoppable Miss Fleuriste
Make up by Joanne Bentley Make Up with hair by Maria Wassef Hair
Ceremony officiated by Coral Kortlepel
Bridal gown by Lazaro Bridal
Groom’s suit by Hugo Boss
Wedding cake by Flour and Stone
Entertainment by the ever amazing Grant from Impression DJs

Thuy & Jason | Pier One Sydney Harbour Wedding

Oh these two ... where do we even begin? The entire day was an overwhelming celebration of pure love - not only between these two utterly beautiful people but for their tight knit group of family and friends who brought the house down over at the gorgeous Pier One cheering these two on as they made their forever vows to one another against the incredible backdrop that was Sydney Harbour. As their wonderful celebrant Robyn Pattison remarked: "... there's a true beauty between them, grounded in their ways, their beliefs and ideals". What was so important to Thuy and Jason was a shared mantra of "family first, be a good person, choose to be kind, remember to be humble". I'm honestly so lucky to be blessed by the most incredibly humble and sincere couples and I hope you can see how madly in love these two are with one another and with life itself. If you make it to the end of the post - yes, they surprised everyone by carting in a mechanical bull for the night's entertainment, a venue first (and yes, even the bride got right on into it!).

Ceremony and Reception at the breathtaking Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection
Florals and styling by Blushing Events
Dessert Table by Hunter Desserts
Bridal gown by Berta Bridal with Reception gown by Pallas Couture
Bridesmaid Dresses by Shona Joy
Suits by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Make up by Linda Q Artistry
Hair by Kristen Well Hair Stylist
Ceremony officiated by Robyn Pattison
DJ and Photobooth by Fave Events
Videography by Onsight Films
Signage by Signed by Row