Lauren & Olly | Blue Mountains Wedding

There’s just something about autumnal country weddings that is impossibly charming. Set in the tiny village of Berambing tucked in the Blue Mountains, Lauren and Olly celebrated with their nearest and dearest at the gorgeous Chapel Hill Retreat. We spent the late afternoon exploring the awe-inspiring rolling hills framing the property before stumbling on a glorious carpet of red and golden autumnal leaves. It was late May in Sydney which was a divinely beautiful time to just be still and take it all in before Winter slowly took over: crisp, fresh mountain air, gentle slivers of sunlight dancing across the falling leaves, honestly it was pure Mother Nature magic.

In the past year I had known them, it was hard not to notice what an exceptional young woman Lauren was. Not only was she extremely wise in her outlook in life particularly for someone in their early 20s: she carried herself with this wonderful quiet confidence. There was an ever-present humility and great love she had for her family and friends and this was so clear on the wedding day as she spent most it ensuring that everybody was warm and well looked after. Her calm nature meant everybody simply assumed the usually jovial and cheerful Olly would be the emotional one at the ceremony.

What nobody would anticipate was how everything unfolded as Lauren walked through the doors. Perhaps it was sheaths of golden light streaming through the 200 year old church windows, the faces of her loved ones smiling back at her or a combination of Olly beaming joyfully and the overall enormity of the day that dawned on her. In that moment, Olly was positively glowing with the biggest, happiest grin while the normally composed Lauren was holding back a few tears along with the rest of the room. It is moments like these that make us fall completely back in love with what we do. Decorations and aesthetics bring the styling aspect to life but ultimately, they are literally things: it is the undercurrent of genuine emotion and unguarded sentiment that are honestly what you will recall in your old age and tell your grandchildren in the years to come.

Ceremony held at St John’s Anglican, Wilberforce
Reception at the beautiful Chapel Hill Retreat, Berambing
Hair and make up by the wonderful Rose Mossman from My Addiction Make up
Bridal Gown by Elizabeth De Varga
Rings by James Allen and Kavalri, with earrings by Samantha Wills
Bridesmaid dresses by For Her and for Him
Florals by Lovely Bridal Blooms
Wedding Cake by Meredith Long
Shoes by Windsor Smith and Spurr
Stationary by Olly Hills 

Gaya & Patrick | The Turpentine Tree Wedding

A few months ago, I happily stumbled upon the beautiful Gaya and Pat, whose wedding would become one of the most heartfelt days I’ve documented. As the day progressed, the genuine happiness their guests had for them became undeniably obvious. Many family and friends spoke proudly of the unbridled kindness, generosity and enthusiasm these two had for life. Moreover, it didn’t take long to notice how everyone simply adored Gaya’s irresistibly infectious sense of humour and laughter. You cannot help but be buoyed by this beautiful woman’s fierce love for life and the people around her, especially the deep-seated affection she had for her parents and her new family. 

Gaya had wanted their day to be completely fuss-free, one big party for their beloved families and best friends: the focus was for everyone to be well fed, generously watered and to simply have a wonderful time. An enormous marquee was set up over at the gorgeous grounds of The Turpentine Tree to set the scene for a festival style wedding: food and drinks were flowing, live music tinkling in the background, people chattering excitedly in every corner, bubbling pans of fresh paella passing through the room, a warm balmy breeze falling gently into the evening. 

There are certain weddings that are simply too joyful that they never quite leave you: I hope these images express the sheer gorgeousness that characterised this day and the happiness we have for these two beautiful spirits. 


Ceremony held at the wonderful St Gregory’s Church

Afternoon festivities and reception at the utterly gorgeous grounds of The Turpentine Tree

Cinematography by the delightful Light Noise Films

Make up by the wonderful Jo Candelaria

Hair Styling by talented Gemma Nichols

Bridal Gown by Maggie Sottero

Jewellery and rings from Etsy

Bridal bouquets by The Flower Room 

Gaya and her bridesmaids got ready in the morning at Bilpin Springs Lodge

Live Music in the afternoon by One Two Wedding band

Reception Dancefloor music by DJ Trey

Amy & Billy | South Coast Wedding

One of the greatest joys of this work is photographing people we carry a very big genuine affection for. Amy and Billy both possess such a good-natured ability to put everyone around them at ease and their welcoming and warm disposition set the tone for a truly gorgeous wedding day down in the NSW South Coast region. Billy in particular, would automatically light up whenever the beautiful Amy was around and the unique love they shared for one another was honestly incredibly moving. Their wedding ceremony began with Amy's veil attaching itself to the wooden flooring momentarily which set her and other guests off into a collective fit of giggles. Billy meanwhile, was trying to keep his emotions in check and his reaction to his high school sweetheart coming down the aisle was probably one of the greatest highlights of the day. I hope you love this collection of images as much as we have loved creating them. 

Ceremony and Reception held at the gorgeous grounds of Novotel Wollongong Northbeach

Cinematography by the terrific gentlemen over at Anchored Cinema.

Planning & Styling by Tahlula's Event Hire

Florals by Flower Bud & Co

Make up by Stephanie Askew.

Hair by the lovely Paula from Fabulous Hair Up. 

Ceremony officiated Kerry Gentles. 

Stationary and lettering by Melinda Alice Kierre. 

Bridal gown by Two Birds Bridal with bridesmaid dresses by White Runway

Groom and groomsmen suits by Peter Jackson

Wedding cake by Delaney's Cakes

Ceremony music by Beth Gleeson. 

Leisa & Dan | Goulburn Wedding

This wedding: it can only be described as simply one of the most magical days ever. About a year ago, I opened up the most polite, heartfelt email from a young woman named Leisa who lived on a beautiful, expansive property in the country with her fiance Dan and their pet pugs. The note went onto describe her idea to have a small and cozy wedding of around 30-40 guests as they wanted a relaxed, truly intimate day to celebrate with their closest friends and friends. 

Throughout the subsequent months we chatted earnestly about everything from styling details, bridal beauty, interspersed with snippets of daily life. It was so wondrous to observe the humble yet effervescent, cheerful approach these two adopted for their day. What was so important to them was that they had found one another amidst this great big world and that they were able to share that happiness that with their loved ones at their cherished home.  

As a bride, Leisa was a vision but it was her innate generosity, warmth and gentle nature towards everyone she came across that truly made her a joy to be around. After their ceremony (where very few left with a dry eye), we jumped into their ute and travelled to different parts of their property so they could have some bridal portraits featuring their home as the backdrop, before settling down on an enormous golden expanse of land. The sun began setting and that was when the magic started. Within a few minutes, radiant sheaths of light burst through the clouds and bathed the entire field in an ethereal glow. I looked down to the centre where Leisa and Dan were and laughed as they were so captivated with one another, the gorgeous scenery secondary to everything else. The thing with documenting weddings is that it allows us to witness unguarded emotion like this. Seeing how happy these two were made me think that perhaps this is what life’s about: you and your other half, surrounded by the splendour of Mama Nature, loved ones safe and happy tucked around the corner, it doesn’t really get better than that. 

I am so deeply proud of these two beautiful people and I hope you love this collection as much as we have loved creating it. 


Wedding Ceremony and Reception held at the bride and groom’s private property.

Hair and Make up by Diana Cheetham Hair and Make up

Florals by bride

Leisa’s incredible bridal gown by Matina Liana, purchased from Fashions by Farina.

Shoes by Sol Sana

Rings by Arnold and Co Jewellers with Engagement Ring designed by the groom while in New York.

Suits by Sam Catanzariti

Catering by The Chef & I

Styling by bride and Sweet Vincent Design

Marquee by Event Marquees Sydney

Jayne & Nic | Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay Wedding

See this beautiful woman featured in the below story here? She's one of the smartest, cleverest and enviably gorgeous women out there. I think everyone who meets Jayne would be hard pressed to disagree with this. Imagine you're the lucky guy who gets to marry her. You're standing at the top of the aisle, you're nervous enough as it is, your cheeky best friends next to you cracking little jokes to make you laugh, your beloved friends and family have flown from all around the globe to cheer you on on this day, the sun's shining, everything and everyone is simply glowing with happiness - it can honestly be all a little overwhelming.

You think you have it together so you take a deep breath and smile at the crowd. Then the music starts and this girl - this incredibly stunning, intelligent, humble woman - steps in, on her way so you can put a ring on her as soon as humanly possible and make her your wife.

At the time, I wasn't even sure that as their photographer, I was holding it together. To be honest, I barely was: it was such a beautiful scene witnessing Jayne walk down the aisle with her doting dad by her side. I distinctly remember thinking - as I hurriedly swiped my own wayward tears at the time - I wonder how Nic is doing? (You can see how Nic if you scroll down).

This heartfelt and emotion-filled day was the result of a moving tale about a wonderful guy who goes about his daily life with all confidence and ease and does so for many years. Nothing fazes him and life is amazing as it is. A series of events bring the two together: guy meets girl, girl unexpectedly changes guy’s life forever, guy realises he cannot live without her and becomes set on never letting this beautiful woman ever slip away. I hope you enjoy these images as much as we have loved creating them. 

Ceremony held at Curzon Hall, Navarra Venues.

Reception held at Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay.

Cinematography by the amazing gents at Anchored Cinema.

Make up and Hair by Sophie Lau Make Up.

Bridal Gown by La Sposa Bridal, with Reception dress by Grace Loves Lace. Bridesmaid Dresses by Rodeo Show.

Florals and styling by Jewel Phon.

Suits by George and King.

Bridal Shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Music and Entertainment by Impression DJs

Wedding Cake by Ruth Hinks (who is the UK World Chocolate Master and sister of the groom)

Ceremony officiated by Mark Woods.

Limousines and Luxury Cars by HF Wedding Cars and Hire & 5 Star Hollywood Limos.